Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers!

Joe Harnar

It’s well known EZ Moves® Furniture Slides make great Christmas gifts, but did you know we also have the answer if you’re only looking for stocking stuffers?

EZ Moves has two great items in the “junior” size of 5” long x 3” wide. These smaller slides work great moving everything but the largest and heaviest pieces of furniture. Due to the relatively small size they are very easy to store. And they’re cute!      

The first junior sized set is the highly functional 2-in-1 convertible furniture slides, SKU number 51-01BW. These convertible slides can be used on carpet or hard surface floors. One set of four slides will work with tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl and carpet. A set of four slides cost $12.99.

Next, we have the affordable hard surface junior slides, SKU number 26-04HS. Priced at a reasonable $9.99, this set of four slides is made for hardwood, tile, linoleum, vinyl – any hard surface floor. Pick up a set for easy use in the kitchen, laundry room and any room that isn’t carpeted.

Order your junior furniture slides today to fill all your Christmas stockings!