Pulling office safe with EZ Move Pull Slides

EZ Moves “Safe” Slides?

Joe Harnar

For many years we’ve heard from safe retailers who buy the EZ Moves Furniture Slides for not for moving sofas, but for moving gun and office safes. We do happen to have a very old and very heavy safe in the office so last week we decided to try it ourselves!

We used a set of the No. 933, Professional Pull Slides for Soft Surfaces. Sized 4’ in length and 6 ¾“ wide with a reinforced grommet to attach straps or handles - these are some heavy duty pull slides.

The hardest part of test was getting the safe out from under the desk where it’s stored. Once we moved it clear of the desk we could tip it slightly, first one way and then the other, placing one slide under each edge.

We slid the safe first by just pushing, then by using the No. PH-1 Pull Handles, and finally using the No. PS-1 Pull Straps. All three methods worked great! EZ Moves Furniture Slides really are an effective way to move your gun or office safe.

See the attached short video to view how our experiment went.