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An Original Is Born

EZ Moves® Furniture Slides were invented in 1993 when a father and son, who were carpet installers, knew there had to be an easier way to move furniture. They were certain there was something better than conventional wheeled dollies. Thus, they invented EZ Moves®, freeing them from the daily backaches they suffered from moving heavy furniture.

For years EZ Moves® were manufactured in the family garage and sold primarily to carpet installers and carpet cleaners. These professionals found when they used EZ Moves® Furniture Slides in customers’ homes, the homeowners were amazed at how well they worked and wanted to buy a set for themselves. Workers were selling their own sets every day to supply the consumer demand….. “Consumer demand? We never really thought about that,” commented Don Edwards, co-inventor. “We knew we had a great tool for carpet installers, and now we know everyone loves EZ Moves® Furniture Slides!”

EZ Moves® mission has always been and continues to be: Produce a high quality product, to listen to and appreciate our customers and give the glory to God for all He has done.


Our 100% Satisfaction Promise: The BEST Furniture Slides or Your Money Back!

Compare EZ Moves® to any other slider you may have at home, and if it doesn’t work better, slide better and save your back better, send it back for a full refund. Applies only to EZ Moves® products purchased on ezmoves.com.


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