PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter infographic.

Product Spotlight – PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter

Joe Harnar

EZ Moves Furniture Slides have been helping people move heavy furniture across carpet, hardwood, and tile floors for years. These professional grade slides are so well designed that one person can move a surprisingly heavy object.

Which brings up a conundrum. How does one lift a heavy price of furniture to place the slides underneath it to begin with? 

The solution -- the EZ Moves PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter! 

 Powermaxx Furniture Lifter lifting a brown sofa.

The EZ Moves PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter is a heavy-duty steel lifter that provides the leverage needed to lift furniture several inches off the floor. Use it to lift a corner of an item and safely and easily place a furniture slide underneath.

The PowerMaxx Lifter is also a great tool for placing area rugs under furniture, leveling adjustable legs, and vacuuming under furniture. The 25″ long PowerMaxx lifter can handle items up to 300 pounds. Pairing EZ Moves Furniture Slides with the PowerMaxx Lifter makes moving heavy furniture simpler and safer.

25-PFML Furniture Lifter infographic


  • Over 600 5-star reviews!
  • Safely and easily lift furniture several inches off the floor
  • Heavy-duty steel construction built to last
  • Lifts items weighing up to 300 pounds
  • Soft comfort grip handle
  • Part of the EZ Moves family of quality furniture slides
  • Use to insert furniture slides, level adjustable legs, and place area rugs
  • Part of the EZ Moves family of quality furniture slides