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True Stories form some of our satisfied ezmoves customers!


Customer feedback means so much to us. Over the years we have received many great comments about our ezmoves products. We wanted to give our customers a place to be heard.


Melinda  – Clinton,IA

I can’t thank you enough! I have fibromyalgia and my husband has md. We have a hard time gripping anything, but with ez slides our world has been made so much easier. anytime furniture needs to be moved it is simple as 1,2,3. I think back at all the times we struggled to move a piece of furniture and how easy it would have been if we would have just used an ez move.


elysabethe – , VT

“I am 68 year old lady farmer. One day my 12′ x 8′ ?300 lb barn door, was once again off it’s track. Usually I had to wait for my husband to get it back. I had just started using my EZMove lifter in my home, so I thought I’d give it a try. So I went in, brought it out, and it worked like a charm. ”


Bob – Lake Havasu City, AZ

“We have several different movers and they make moving furniture very easy!! We love them. I am looking for round 1/2″ movers to use on dining room chairs? I looked at your products section and did not see any?? Bob”


Donna – Dunnville,

“I purchased a set from The Shopping Channel in Canada several years ago and wish to purchase another set but they do not have them. They were a godsend when we redecorated our dining and living room. Our neighbour borrowed our set when she moved a electric fireplace and she and her daughter and son-in-law have since purchased a set. I would recommend your products to everyone who is contemplating re-decorating, or moving furniture. ”


Sissy – Smithfield, KY

“FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!! Worth every penny ($20). My husband and I are both in our 70’s. No way could we move heavy furniture by ourselves and our sofa feels like it weighs a ton. We would rather not bother our family to help if we could manage this alone. We put the little mover pads under the furniture and we were both amazed how easy we could move things. Thank you and keep up the good work with your products. Like the bible verse on your home page 🙂 ”


Kaylarae – calgary, CT

“Hi there. I have seen the comcercials and always laughed. How can he move a car ect. Well we moved into a new place and Was told that we cant move this fish tank they had left cause its a 90 gallon tank and the case is about 500 pounds. Well I got this prodect and IT MOVED!!! the first time we moved it me and my sister jumped up and down and high fived eachother. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!! I have to be from the usa to let people know but Im from canada!!!!”



“AMAZING, I love EZ Moves. I am 63 and now I don’t have to wait untill someone is available to help me move heavy furniture. EZ moves is the BEST. :-D”


Bonnie – Laurelton, NY

“I am so happy with my purchase. They were originally purchased for my husband’s workout program. Recently we had a ceiling collapse due to weather in my home. These movers were Absolutely amazing. We were able to move everything around in my home with ease and prevent damage. Thank you EZ Moves Bonnie K NYC”


The Smith – Bronx, NY

“This was such a blessing to my husband and I. We needed to move all of our furniture from our bedroom for contractors to do work and earlier my husband had an accident and hurt his knee really bad. We brought EZ Moves and moved everything out in about 30 – 45 minutes. My husband could not stop talking about it! This is by far the best invention ever. Thanks so much!”


Irene Cooper – Emu Heights,

“I gave my EZ Moves to my son when he was moving furniture I received a video on my phone of my 3 year old Grandson moving a lounge all by himself and then throwing his hands in the air and saying” I did it” Made my day Thought I would make yours too”


Rebecca – Ripon, CA

“LOVE these things. So easy to store and easy to use! And don’t need another body to move furniture! I just switched locations of my office desk – solid wood, and my sewing desk. I slipped the moves underneath, and slid the furniture into place – all by myself. Best purchase!!”


Sandra Meline – JACKSONVILLE, IL

“I purchased EZ MOVES today at my local Walgreens store brought it home and used it to move my heavy entertainment center with my big screen TV on it it was great. I am 63 years old and I had NO PROBLEM moving it from one side of the room to the other it does a fantastic job and I recommend it to everyone there is no strain on your body it is a terrific product. Thank You for this lifesaver ”


Heidi – White Lake, MI

“I’ve never provided a review of a product before but I felt potential customers might be interested in my story. I’m a single 45 year old female. I have very large and heavy furniture and would schedule movers to come out and move it for me. The cheapest movers I’ve found cost about $60/hour with a minimum of two hours. It was getting expensive. I had to move a piano about 20 feet and again I was looking at calling movers to do it. One night I saw a commercial for EZ Move furniture sliders. What caught my interest was they said one person could move a car. I thought if someone can move a car with this product I should be able to move a piano about 20 feet. I purchased EZ Move and I was able to move the piano into the next room all by middle aged out of shape self. It didn’t quite glide effortlessly like it showed on T.V. but I was able to do it for the price of $40.00 and I have it to use for all of my other furniture. Thank you EZ Move for providing the tools necessary for total independence.”


richard dutkiewicz – bolingbrook, IL



Lisa – ,

“Just wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful your product is. We purchased the EZ Moves for Carpet to specifically help us with switching some furniture around. My Mother (who is 77) and I wanted to be able to switch bedrooms and turn our master bedroom into a Family Room. In just two days, we switched out three closets, two bedrooms and a spare room. We could not have done all this without the EZ Moves. We had 16 pieces of furniture to move and with the exception of the beds, a light corner section and a large recliner (that has to be put on its side to move thru the doors); we moved all of them with the EZ Moves. They are amazing!! Even my large armoire was a cinch. Just slide the EZ Moves under each corner and give a push. One of us would guide and the other would push. Off of the rug, over the tile, back onto the rug with no problem. Tall pieces, large pieces, wide pieces…it didn’t matter, everything moved with ease. Like they were on wheels. We cannot thank you enough for such a great product. So many times you hear about these wonderful products for ONLY $19.99!! Well this is the best $20.00 I have ever spent. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Great product!! ”


Tom – Hamburg, NY

“When I first bought the EZ Moves and saw the price, I was a little skeptical. Well I now say these are well worth money. The last few months we’ve had a living room repainted, room rugs steam cleaned, and a bedroom repainted. Everytime the EZ Moves made it increadibly easy. The story, which left me totally impressed was swapping our bedroom furniture. I didn’t want to keep asking the neighbors to help move furniture, so I decided to try do it myself with the EZ Moves. I swapped 2 large dressers and a king bed myself using the EZ Moves in less than 1 hour. The most strenuous task was getting the pads under the furniture. I will be recommending these to anyone trying to move furniture.”


Barbara C. Murray – New Port Richey, FL

“I purchased item # V19593 and can’t tell you How happy I am. I ordered 4 sets of these from QVC and recommended them to friends andd relatives. Right now I am visiting my son & his family in Ct. for a couple of months. They were complaining of how their kitchen chairs were scratching their wood floors. I immediately called QVC only to be told that the item number was no longer availavle. I therefore asked about a substitute & ordered V14052. Well, that size was too large for their chair legs. They were sent back I can’t believe that a size 2 1/4 X3/4 that is so customer friendly could be discontinued. If I could get these anywhere else, I would appreciate your advising me. Thank you. B. Muray ”


Tiffany K – Kingsland, GA

“I was watching QVC one day and saw this product. I thought it would be a great product for me as I am a military spouse and my husband goes out to sea frequently. The second I got it in the mail I openend it up to see how they work. They worked GREAT! Even my five year old neice could move my couch. Now I can rearrange my house without having to wait for the hubby to get back from sea. ”


joan – , IA

“Love your EZ sliders. Do you have anything that you could permanently attach to dining room chairs. It would really help older people who have trouble pulling chairs to the table. Especially if there is carpeting. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your excellent product. We have them on several pieces of furniture in our home. Now if I could just attach small sliders to our dining room chairs.”


Mike Boccarossa – Sarasota, FL

“A few months ago we bought a new Entertainment Center for our Family Room. We also bought a large screen TV and some new Stereo Equipment, including Surround Sound. After hooking up all the components, I was just barely able to move the Entertainment Center in place. Oh yes, my wife then loaded it with accessories like pictures of the Grandchildren, vases, etc. This Entertainment Center comes in two parts; a base and a top piece. I’d bet that with all the Stereo components and accessories, it must weigh at least 300 lbs. With new Carpeting under it, I couldn’t move it when I had to add another Power Strip behind it. I finally was able to jack it up high enough to put something under it to make it able to slide. I have some furniture slides left over from another project, but as I remember, they were useless because they just folded under the weiight of the object and I still had trouble sliding it. Today I researched a little on my computor and came accross the EZ Moves Slides. I called your company to find out where they are sold and I was told that there are only two stores that sell them in my area. I quickly went to Linens and Things and was lucky enough to get their last set of the 3″ X 3″ squares. WHY IN THE HECK AREN’T THE EZ MOVES SLIDES SOLD IN MORE STORES? These are a God Send!! I put them under the Entertainment Center and let it down on them. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to move it after that. It is very heavy and bulky, but when I pushed it from down on the base, it slid right into place. Now those EZ Moves Slides will stay under there permantly. They are wonderful. They are what professional movers would use. These are not your average department store or Dollar Store Junk! Please see that my local Linens and Things Store refills their inventory of the 3″ X 3″ Slides. I want to eventually buy another set. Thanks for an Actual Product That WORKS!! Please, please start selling them in Lowes, Home Depot and Ace Hardware where I usually would look for a product like yours.”


Carolyn Lenzen – Kernersville, NC

“I just bought EZ Moves to rearrange the furniture in my daughter’s room. I just moved a dresser that I couldn’t even BUDGE before!! Using the EZ Moves, I was able to move everything with ease! Just amazing!!!”



Danny – ,

“Today I found your EZ moves, and had to move a hot tub into plac around my Pool with very little room. I put one under each corner of the tub, and with a little push it moved easy as pie. This worked out good for me , I will take out two and the hot tub is leveled The other two can stay as I can’t get behind the hot tub to get them out. I know I damage the EZ moves but for the price and time and pain it saves on my old back, it is worth the price. ”


Melanie Weber – Franklinville, NJ

“I need to tell everyone how great this product is. Both my husband and I have back issues and we wanted to move our armoire to a different side of the room. I was skeptical (to say the least) but thought what the heck do we have to lose. The armoire moved with such ease that one of us could have easlily placed it in the desired area with no other assistance. THANK YOU FOR A PRODUCT THAT WORKS GREAT!!!!”


Sarah Jo – Lewisville, TX

“I love your ezmove pads–they’ve really helped us as we get older, and find it harder to lift heavy pieces of furniture. ”


David Betts – Mobile, AL

“I was about to hire another $80 an hour mover. I was about to move three rooms in about two hours. Thank God for the inspiration. Bless you and your father. ”


Janet – Moore, OK

“I purchased the EZMoves II a number of years ago (at least 9) I think off of QVC – they are AWESOME. I can’t say enough about them. It is a one finger job with the EZMoves – I have 2 sets. Everyone wants to borrow them all the time. I live in a big house with no one to help me move things around. I have tried other store bought brands and they would barely slide across the floor. Glad they came out with all the other items. Trust me you will get your monies worth in one move…………….”


Mark W. – Gardner, KS

“If you every need to move anything heavy such as a pool table , I can only say one thing buy the EZ mover II. That was the best $24 investment I have made in a long time. Thanks to EZ moves slides I was able to move my Big pool table with little resistance and with the help of only one other person. Every owner of a pool table MUST have a set of these. It’s totally better than the alternative of hainvg to take your Pool table apart to move from room to room. Mark ”


Kirk Murphy – Palm Bay, FL

“Thank you for this amazing invention. You have done more for people’s backs than a chiropractor. You are a genius. ”


Frank Armijo – Albuquerque, NM

” I saw in your feed back where a person had moved a pool table that 8 guys couln’t budge. This encouraged me to try them on our’s, which we needed to temporarily move. Well my wife and I EZ’ly slid that over 1500 pound Brunswick Gold Crown 9 foot pool table across the room. The hard surface slide work great! I really was pleasantly surprised.Thanks, EZ moves. Frank Armijo”


Thomas M. Higgins – 6313 Coral Lake Drive Margate, FL

“I purchased a NordicTrack Treadmill from Sears. They wanted to sell me a platic mat to go under the unit. By the way the treadmill looked in the store it moved wilth the treadmill and it was all bunched up due to the mat being the same length of the unit. Anyway it did not look like it would do any good on our carpet because the amount of friction on a thin piece of plastic. At that time I informed the clerk I rembered the EZ Moves I seen on television moving furniture and I said why can’t they work on the treadmill when it inclines. At that time he did not question me and said sounds like a good idea to me. Today I purchased the EZ Moves, I put two under the back two legs that moves when the unit inclines. Works terrific. I would suggest anyone that has a treadmill to purchase the EZ Moves. Saves on carpets and they are safer. Now if I need to move any furniture I will use the other two in the package and borrow the other two from the treadmill. You could sell ony two in a package for treadmills now. ”


Roy Rhubright – Souderton PA, PA

“I work at a long-term care facility. We move at least on resident/family per week. We have use the EZ Moves for years with much success. Just the other day I was remarking how great it would be to have a “longer” set. After doing a quick search I found your site and with in minutes found myself ordering both the carpet and hard surface models. This product has saved time, money not to mention our back. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”


Pat S. Brooks – Old Hickory, TN

“My husband is 68, I am 63. We no longer have the strength to move large furniture items like we did when we were younger. We were having new carpet laid in our bedroom. To save some money we decided to move our bedroom furniture ourselves. I went online to research furniture glides. The very day I researched your product I stopped and purchased one set of EZ Movers. I loved your product !!!!!!! The next day I purchased EZ Moves for all of our bedroom furniture. I cannot believe how easy it is to move the furniture. I have purchased other glides in the past however in the future I will only purchase EZ Moves. The quality of your product is so much better. ”


Eric – Gaithersburg, MD

“The first thing I thought of when I put the EZ Moves under my computer armoire was “it’s a miracle!” This is the first product I have used in a long time where I felt compelled to provide immediate, positive feedback. My apartment has deep pile carpet and thick padding, which is great on the feet but terrible for moving furniture around. Every year or so I will re-arrange the furniture for cleaning and to find that “perfect” placement. And every year I struggle with moving the heavier pieces around, as one piece has to be moved to make room for the other piece so the first piece can be moved into place. I thought I had been pretty clever by putting cardboard at one time and then an upside down chair mat under the armoire, and that was just enough to be barely able to move the thing. And it was not so easy getting the chair mat under it – this time I bought a set of EZ Moves and they were a snap to get under the armoire, and I was able to move the armoire easily across the room with little effort. Now I can get the re-arranging done in a fraction of the time! No longer is it an all day struggle to get the job done. It is a miracle, and one of the best purchases I have made for the home in ages. I also have a friend who likes to move her furniture around and she is half my size and some of the pieces she has are pretty hefty – I am going to buy her a set and I am pretty sure she will think they are a miracle too!”


E C – , NJ

“WOW! MIRACLES!!! I bought the EZMoves Furniture Slides hoping to work miracles & together, we did! I am a single woman who lives alone. For at least the past 2 years I have been asking my adult children (ages 35 & 37) to help me remove a couch from my living room to the curb without any luck. I haven’t wanted to make an issue of it as my son lives out of state–hate to put him to work on his infrequent visits and my daughter is a peanut. Thanks to those slides I just moved a 90″L x 40″D x 32″H Drexel Heritage top quality (translation = VERY heavy) fully uph, oversized luxury couch out the front door–that had long outlived its usefulness–ALL BY MYSELF! My adult children will be astonished that I was able to get this couch out to the curb for pickup. Good Riddance! I have teased my friends lots telling them the only drawback to living alone is that I can’t move furniture, but now that you’ve taken care of that problem, count me Happy! There’s no telling WHAT I’ll be able to rearrange without any help. Unbelievable product–Amen to QVC and your demonstration. I’ll call in the next time you’re on tv to rave and share this story. AMAZING! Thank you–from a once strong woman who once again might be Herculean!!!”


Todd – Everett, WA

“Like many of your other comments a painter working in my house helped me move a large TV cabinet back in place and told me he wished he had brought his EZ Moves with him. I then got a set for myself and my sons ages 16 and 12 were able to move the same cabinet themselves when we had carpet replaced. They were also trying to figure how to strap them to there feet as they were sliding across the new carpet. I know what to get them for their birthdays now. I also love that you give the glory to God. Thats awsome!”


Tammy – Ithaca, NY

“We have a company doing some construction in the building and they let us use their EZ Moves. My supervisor says they are “THE BEST THING EVER!””


Kelley – Bucyrus, KS

“I puchased the EZ Moves and it was the best $20.00 dollars I ever spent. Thank you!”


Gladys Ice – Grand Terrace, CA

“I saw the ezmoves II on qvc and ordered them, not really believing they would work. (i had bought furniture movers at retail store and they were not worth a cent). I got them on 9/11/06 and used them on 9/13/06. They are simply the best thing for moving any heavy furniture. I have a heavy sofa, recliner, entertainment center and could barely budge them. I’m a 67 year old woman and am not as strong as I used to be, as you can imagine. Anyway, I slid them under the corners of the furniture and the furniture moved with ease. Thank you so much. I am telling all my friends and family. ”


Frances Driscoll – Spencer, NC

“I have big,heavy pieces of furniture. Every time I have to move something, I use the set of EZmoves that I bought because at the time, they looked good to have. My mistake was letting my husband use them to move his television and stand. He liked them so well that he has kept them under the stand in case he needs to move it again. Unbeknowst to him, he is in the market for a set of your permanent sliders. ”


Helen Penk – Portland, OR

“Thank you! My husband and I are 74. We hired people to clear out a room of heavy furniture. Due to a mixup, they did not show, and the carpet layers were coming in 2 days. Thanks to EZMovers, the two of us were able to empty the room plus we saved the $90.00 the movers were going to charge. The pads work like a charm. Thank you again. ”


Rosemary A. Perry – Ruskin, FL

“I have used EZ moves since QVC started selling them and bought them for my adult children. I have let workman in house use them and they thought they were great and bought them…neighbors always borrowed them. Well now my 2 sets are pretty well scratched and worn and i want to replace them. I tried QVC, clicked into your sight to JCPenney, U Haul and Linens n things and they come up with “Sorry can’t find what you’re looking for”. Money we saved on sore backs or paying someone else to move things, well they paid for themselves many times over, my story….my daughter came on a Mother’s day with a friend who was a female police detective who had injured her back while on duty. I had the movers under a large computer desk we were moving and told her to move it. she said “I can’t see” and pushed a little and it moved, she borrowed them and could move har furniture to vacuum and cleaned placed she haden’t been able to reach. She said they were unbelievable.. Now my husband is 78 and can’t move furniture for me without them. I used to move furniture myself with them… Please tell me where can I really get them…do you have a package deal of 2 sets or any specials? How much..I tried other kind from store and threw them away-not samae quality, .. thanks for your help…..Rosemary Perry”



Marie – Las Vegas, NV

“What a terrific product. The EZ Moves II worked great moving my entertainment center. Thank you.”


Vicky – Coshocton, OH

“I am single and new to this town and was moving from one apt. to another and could not find anyone to help me move my couch or tv.I moved my tv by pulling it on a rug. but could not do that whith my couch..( it weight more than me…lol)So after 3 weeks I got on the net.and found EZ Moves in my town and got all my heavy stuff moved …THANK YOU for thinking of the single people”


Lynda Paris – Essex, MD

“This is rather a different use for EZ Moves. I recently had surgery on my foot. As a result the doctors will not let me put in weight on it for 3 weeks. I had to result to crutches and crawling. After a week of crawling my knees were red and sore. One day I happened to remember the EZ Moves we had purchased. I put my knees on the pads and away I go. No more sore knees and I can go everywhere that I want to go with much less effort. I know that this is not what your product was invented for, but Thank You for making my life a little easier. I still have the other foot to have the same surgery on and will be keeping the EZ Moves handy for that time.”


A Godwin – Fishersville, VA

“Thanks for your excellent website! I’m pleased to have found several local sources for EZ Moves. With a thick carpet and heavy furniture, I can’t “move” without them! ”


norman alpher – rockville, MD

“Had to move several heavy and bulky bedroom cabinets (wardrobes) prior to installation of custom built ones in new home. The furniture slides we bought when me moved two years ago were sensational. Moved all the cabinets over carpet and floor about 40-50 feet with very little trouble. Great product.”


sarah anderson – clayton, NC

“I have recently started an interior redesign business where moving furniture is the primary component of the business. Your products have helped save my back, my time and have proven to be an invaluable asset to my business!!! ”


Anna Welch – Lake Villa, IL

“I wanted to surprise my husband with a new bedroom makeover while he was away on a business trip. Part of that included new carpeting. Needless to say I needed to move all of the furniture out of the room. Off to the store to see of I could find anything to help. I saw a package of EZMoves for carpeting and bought a set. Moving all the furniture (and there was quite a bit) was a breeze! I actually laughed as I slid each piece down the hall and into another room. What an ingenious invention! Thank you so much. Without the EZMoves this surprise would not be possible and certainly not as much fun! Anna Marie Welch ”


Gloria Vaughn – Beaver Falls, PA

“I purchased three sets of your EZ Moves and love them. I saw you now have some that you can leave under furniture legs. I wanted to purchase them in the beige color, but cannot find them. Could I order them directly from you? Please contact me as soon as possible. ”


Mark Spencer – Campbell, OH

“This was definitely a great investment. After getting the EZ moves II I had to go get the ones for hard surfaces. These are going to be XMAS presents for relatives. I’m also glad there’re made in USA.”


Todd – , VA

“The EZ Moves II are really wonderful. There is nothing else out there like them. I’ve tried other products, but they don’t compare to the EZ Moves II. I’m a very happy & satisfied customer. Your products ROCK!”


James Horst – Austin, TX

“I just wanted to say that I have the EZ Moves 2 1/4″ round slides and I think they work great on my dinning room chairs. They were very easy to install. Thank you”


Virginia Williams – , GA

“I have the EZ Moves Mini Moves and they are wonderful. I love your products.”


Peggy – , CA

“I work for a carpet cleaning business. We had 8 guys trying to move a pool table and they could not move it. We purchased your EZ MOVES PRO and I was able to move the pool table by myself. What a terrific product.”


Ruth Zerby – Belton, TX

“Thank you for a fine product. At 82 years old, I’m unable to move heavy objects and this product sure helps me. Thank you!”


Jean C. Hawley – Worcester, MA

“I have just recieved my set of EZMovers. I love them. It took me five minutes to put them under three pieces of furniture. Now i won’t have to wait for someone to help me move the furniture. I could use several more sets, so that I they can remain in place. Thank you.”


Kim – San Diego, CA

“The slides are indeed very helpful and we use them all the time. Thank you for providing this excellent product! ”


Carol Athey – Durham, NC

“I own every variety of EZ Moves sold on QVC (original, EZ Moves II, permanent, sliiper socks–I have them all), and I have purchased a set of the original EZ moves for both of my children and my parents. I even got a set for the folks at my office who move filing cabinets and desks! Everyone agrees that this is one great product. I currently am using the hard surface EZ Moves under my 36-inch Sony TV set (260 pounds), which is installed in a wood entertainment center. This set required servicing recently and in order to turn this monstor to disconnect wires without damaging the wood surface, I put the hard surface EZ moves under it. They woked like a charm. I have left them in place even though I know it may ultimately damage them just in case I want to change the connections in back of the set again. I would like to buy another set of the hard surface EZ Moves, but they have not been available on QVC since I bought mine. PLEASE tell me where I can get another set of the hard surface EZ Moves or bring them back to QVC. I have the ones with the slip on “socks,” but the Hard Surface EZ Moves with the felt bottom are MUCH better! Thanks for a wonderful product!! Carol Athey PS–I don’t own the one you sold at Christmas for kids to slid around the house on but it did look like fun!”


Caroline Thomas – Milwaukee, WI

“What a great idea! My husband and I LOVE the EZ MOVES II. They are a wonderful invention. ”


Jean Junker – Duluth, GA

“Love your product! I need to find some kind of lever to push under furniture, step on it to lift corner of furniture so slide can be slipped in. Can you help me? Thanks.”


Jeff shaffer – taneytown, MD

” I am a hardwood floor installer and always willing to try new products to make my life easier.I purchased your ez move hs at a local store,they work great.I would recomend them to everybody .”



P. Weil – , FL

“My neighbor loaned me her EZ Moves II, to move my couch in my living room. I was very impressed with them. As we are older & senior citizens these worked great. I would like to know how I can purchase a couple of sets. Would you be so kind to let me know about these. Thank you for your kind consideration.”


Edward Martin – , OH

“I was given a set of the EZ Moves II awhile back. I must say they helped me a great deal. I’m 83 years old so I use them alot. What a great idea. You’ve got something there!”


Messiter – Harrison, NY

“Actually, a question… Do you make the furniture glides in a size smaller than 3″x3″? I need to use them for a coffee table that is located on a carpet, but the legs are only 1″ square at the base. The table gets moved so often (for vaccuming, etc.) that the legs are becomming loose. I think your product would really solve the problem, but I didn’t see a small size on the web site. Does it exist? Thank you. LM”


Garrett Gilmer – Redlands, CA

“I used EZ moves at my home and was very impressed! I am responsible for all the furnishings at large confrence center in the San Bernardino Mnts. and would like to order several hundred of your 3″ x 3″ pads. Could you please inform me of the best way to place such a large order?”


Bessie – Escondido, CA

“My friend loamed me her of EZ Moves II and it made my job so easy. I would like to order a set for myself. Thank you.”


Carol – Mt. Pleasant, PA

“I received the EZ MOVES II as a birthday present and I LOVE them! Thank you for inventing such a great product. Every household needs more than 1 set. Can’t wait to watch you on QVC!!”


Larrry Dillinger – Murrysville, PA

“I highly recommend these for everyone. I’m a “Senior” and recently painted our familyrooom. To do this I had to move a large entertainment center – with the TV in it. It moved slowly – mostly do to me – but I did this by myself and couldn’t have done it without them. The couch and chairs were a breeze. My wife, a “senior” also, constantly uses them to move a console stereo around the downstairs gameroom. They are a “Godsend”. Thank you. Larry Dillinger”


Dottie – Calhoun, OH

“I have a bad back and can’t believe the difference the EZMoves make in moving furniture. I have been to or contacted all the stores in my area and can’t find WHITE PERMANENT furniture slides. My refrigerator is killing my kitchen tile. Help! Can I order them directly from you? Thanks much and God bless your efforts. ”


Vera Alex – Wilmington, DE

“Love the stuff, but cannot find the long strips type ( Pull Slides) nor the Permanenet slides in the stores that carry EZ Moves in our area and I don’t want drive to Philadelphia.. Can they be bought directly from you? And by the way, thanks for inventing the slides!”


Joe Teterus – Schwenksville, PA

“I sell and install carpet. I give a set of EZmoves II to my customers with each job. They love them and move the furniture before i get there!”


Nicki Gilra – Beaverton, OR

“I received ezmoves for Christmas from my sister. My husband thought they were a little weird, but now we both love them. Our daughters have bunk beds and they are impossible to make. Since receiving the ezmoves, not only are the beds easier to make (because we can slide the bed away from the wall), but we have rearranged their room twice in the 3 weeks since Christmas. Then while I was taking down the Christmas decorations, I moved all our living room furniture back to it’s original spots without any help. My husband was shocked when we saw all the work I had done. What a great product! I’m planning to order some for my mother for her birthday!”


diana deyo – great falls, MT

“I just used ez moves for the first time. I have a habit of moving my furniture around at least two to three times a year. (It drives my husband crazy). My husband is gone alot because of the of work he is in so i have to move my furniture with the help of my mother. The place i work has to move customer’s furniture alot so they bought the ez moves. My boss let me borrow them today. I moved my furniture in half the time it usually takes. I called my boss right away and told him he wasn’t getting them back and that these are better than a man (he laughed at that). Thanks ez moves, i will now be purchasing them myself and i will tell everyone about these.”


Gail Munro – ,

“I just wanted to let you know that we purchased them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I can’t believe that my husband and I could have moved my computer desk, which must weigh two tons. We had to have 3 men put the hutch on top of the desk when it was put together. And we moved the desk and hutch all by ourselves. It is so heavy he could hardly pick up a corner enough for me to put the slides under. Were we impressed!!!! Best gadget we’ve seen in a long time! ”


Donald Segel – Pacific Palisade, CA

“My couch is very heavy.One piece with a center and a LazyBoy on each end. It has been impossible to move after delivery men set it in place two years ago. The EZMoves II is amazing as I thought it never could be moved. Now I can move the couch with no effort at all. A wonderfull product-to bad that I have to remove it after the moves. I will look into the Permanent Furniture Slides although I will only move the couch once or twice a year. THANK YOU.”


DANIEL CASARES – 4810 Prairie Bend, TX

“I used a set recently and they work great. The week before I didn’t have them and I almost pulled my back moving the sofa. With these ez movers, it saved my a lot of back pain. I’m lucky that my next door neighbor let me use his. ”


lizette wardell – san francisco, CA

“No story yet! I would like to purchase ez moves and would like prices on all your product. please email me as soon as possible. thank you.”


Joy – Bryk, FL

“We went to Texas to help our daughter and son-in-law settle into their new home. They had ezmovers and we used them. My daughter and I moved their entertainment center- still loaded with the tv, vcr, and dvd- and did it with no effort from the great room to their master bedroom. They worked! Thank you so much. ”


Sandy Milazzo – Cherry Hill, NJ

“These worked great! We moved a “Slate” pool table with them. Thanks!”


Norma Shirey – New Kensington, PA

“Very recently we had every room in our home painted by a friend and his wife. Looking around they were concerned about the heavy furniture that we had in each room. I told them there was no problem because we had a set of EZ Moves that I had purchased from QVC. They were absolutely amazed at how easy the job became when we needed to move things around. One of the pieces of furniture was a very heavy maple entertainment center, including the large heavy TV. We had no problem at all. I would recommend them to anyone and look forward to seeing them again on QVC. I Praise God and the Edwards family for their wonderful invention. Thanks for letting me share our story.”


Brian Deeds – Colonia, NJ

“I sure wish I had these about a year ago when my wife and I moved into our new home!! We have about a 400 pound, 2 piece china cabinet that my brother-in-law and I struggled with tremendously (sweat galore!) to move to a different location than the movers had originally placed it. Now, a year later, we wanted to move the same cabinet to the other side of the room since we’ve recently done some extensive redecorating. After seeing this product on an infomercial, I figured we would try it and see if it really worked. And, lo and behold, it did work! The biggest effort was just placing the slides under the cabinet. Once that was done, what had taken about a hour last year, became just 5 minutes to move. We are very pleased with this product and have been moving other furniture like crazy! ”



Bob Pardue – Indianapolis, IN

“I just wanted to thank you for a truely great product . I’m a painter, and recently some ladies I had painted for went together and bought a set of EZ Moves II’s for me as a gift . I sure wish I had owned a set before I had painted their 5 houses and moved all of their furniture . I just went out today and bought 2 sets for myself . 1 set is’nt enough for a painter. They make me look smart to customers I work for . THANK YOU !!! ”


Regina Hilado Apostoli – Sebastopol, CA

“I borrowed someone’s EZ Moves with little confidence that they would work. What a GREAT surprise I got when the king size sleigh bed actually moved! Now I can clean under all the heavy furniture I always had to skirt around. Nobody needs to wait around to get help anymore. Definitely a ‘do it yourself’ aid. Thanks – I’m going to buy my own and also give as gifts to my clients. ”


Mr & Mrs Carl Houpt – Macon, MO

“We just tried the EZ Moves [the 9×5 size]. We moved a large bed across the room as easy as you could move a kitchen chair. Sure wish we would have known about them when we were having new carpet put down through out the house. But thankful we have them now. Thanks for a great product. We are senior citizens.[72 & 82 years young] so you see why we are so happy with your product!”


J. Richard Auhl – Murrysville, PA

“Praise God for EZ Moves. The Trustees of the First United Methodist Church of Murrysville are so grateful that we learned about EZ Moves. Recently we did not know how we could possibly move 22 heavy pews out of the way for replacement of carpet in our Sanctuary. EZ Moves made the task incredibly easy. Thank you.”


Charles – Phoenix, AZ

“I have a set of these and they are great. I used them when I tiled the entire house by myself and didn’t need any help moving the furniture.”


Barb – St. Louis, MO

“I am very impressed with how the EZ Moves move furniture so effortlessly!”


Elaine – Cranberry, PA

“Those slides are really cool!”


Charles – Westchester, IL

“We are senior citizens and used our neighbors EZ Moves and they are wonderful. Please send me a price list.”


Stella – Sun City, AZ

“Recently I helped a friend move and she was using a product called EZ Moves and I found your address in the box. Please tell me where I can purchase this product and what is the cost. I am interested in purchasing this product as I don’t always have help when I want to rearrange my furniture.”


Judy – Sacramento, CA

“I have several people wanting EZ Moves like mine, so I am happy to find your website. EZ Moves are the greatest thing…I have used them so many times. I gave them as a Father’s Day gift to my father who needs nothing and he has needed them many times!”


Diane – Chicago, IL

“I would like to order a set of furniture movers. I have a friend who has them and they are great. I also have another friend who would like a set. It’s a great product. Please answer quickly so I can order them for a gift for my husband. It will save our backs and could save our marriage!!”


Barbara – Tucson, AZ

“Thank you for producing such a wonderful product.”


Margaret – Endicott, NY

“I received EZ Moves as a Christmas present. I think they are great and would like to buy three more sets for my daughters.”


Steven – Newtown, PA

“Recently I purchased the EZ Moves from QVC. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the purchase. The product does exactly what it was advertised to do! I recently had to move a number of heavy pieces of furniture. EZ Moves made the job a whole lot easier, with no strain. I am a professional in the Health field and I regularly instruct individuals on proper lifting, pulling & pushing techniques to avoid injury. Your product certainly can assist people to avoid injury. Congratulations on a product well done!”


Susan – Pinehurst, NC

“I have just watched my painters move several large pieces of furniture with your product. Now I have the solution to my problems of cleaning underneath and behind these pieces of furniture!”


Joan – Dunedin, FL

“I would llike to purchase some EZ Moves products. I have a large set and am so impressed with the EZ move of furniture. I would like to share your product with other family members. I will not part with my set. So can you inform me as to how to order same. Christmas is coming and this would be a unique gift.”


Bill – Cape Coral, FL

“I am an owner of your product…..I love it and so does everyone that is always borrowing them from me!”


Kathleen – Mt. Airy, MD

“We recently moved into a new house. I’ve moved more furniture than I thought possible. The carpet gentlemen used your product. It is wonderful!! Please send me an order form so I may purchase the EZ Moves. Thank You!”


Shirley – Warren, PA

“I have a set of your EZ Moves II and would like to purchase another. They are great! Really a ‘back saver’.”


William – Clementon, NJ

“The EZ Moves Model P3 are fantastic, I was able to move my new 230 lb TV with ease, plus I could leave them in place knowing I would need to move the TV quite a few times. ”



Gloria – Shenandoah, PA

“I do not usually write to companies unless it is concerning a problem, but I had to write to say how excellent your EZ Moves II worked. My husband and I were very skeptical, but we needed to move a 43″ TV in a very heavy entertainment center. We were getting all new carpeting and my husband was very concerned about moving his large TV. It was so easy with your product we could not believe it. Unfortunately alot of products do not live up to their claims, but yours certainly does, even the carpet installers were impressed. Thanks for a helpful product.”


Catherine – Toronto,

“I would like a set of EZ Moves II. Please can you tell me where I can buy or order these in Canada as soon as possible. My carpet cleaner was using them and I was totally impressed.”


Nancy – Allentown, PA

“This past summer I had the chance to use your ‘EZ Moves’. Some woman gave them to my sister. She has no idea where they came from and my sister isn’t giving them up. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find them. I’ve called hardware stores, furniture, carpet stores even some moving companies. The only thing I found was an instruction sheet in the box. At age 64 it’s not EZ to move my furniture when house cleaning, they’re life savers. I’ve told so many people about them they’re also interested. Any information on ordering and price would be greatly appreciated. Waiting to hear from you. Hurry!”


Jan – Cleveland, OH

“I purchased 2 sets of your EZ Moves several months ago. They are the best invention since the wheel! I would like to order another set.”


Terry – Bellaire, OH

“Please send me a set of your “easy movers”. I borrowed my boss’ and they are terrific! I’ve got to have a set for myself. We moved a huge entertainment center that probably weighed close to 1000 lbs. with all the electronics in it with no problem at all. What a great invention!”


Betty – Taylor, MI

“You folks make a darn good product. My husband is 75 and I’m 73 and we still move our own furniture with your help.”


Paul – Hampton, TN

“I am a carpet installer and I recently saw a set of EZ Moves at a residence of a customer. They were nice enough to let us use them and I was amazed at how easy it made our job moving furniture. Could you please send me some more information on these and a price list. I would like to order some if possible.”


Thelma – Garden City, MI

“Please inform me as to how I could order 2 more sets of the EZ Moves. We love the set we have – the next 2 sets I want to give as gifts. ”


Marj – Tampa, FL

“I bought 2 sets of these and they are absolutley marvelous! Thank you for such a wonderful product.”


John Mauro – Harrison City, PA

“Well, what can I say the EZ Moves work great! Also it was a real pleasure working for this company.”

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